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The VoIP Report

The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – June 2, 2017
June 2nd, 2017

The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – June 2, 2017

Missed something on The VoIP Report? If so, check out the weekly roundup June 2 and see what happened in the world of VoIP this week.


This week on The VoIP Report we shared all the ways VoIP improves product management. We also took a deep dive into the evolution of businesses communications from smoke signals to video conferencing. Finally, we help you decide if your business is ready to enter the world or chatbots.

If you missed any of our articles or any of this week’s industry news check it out below.

Featured Article

How VoIP Improves Project Management

Effective communication with all stakeholders is the most crucial success factor in project management, according to the Project Management Institute (PMI). The Institute’s Pulse of the Profession report found that effective communications lead to more successful projects.

However, the report also noted that an average of two in five projects fail to meet their original goals, and half of those unsuccessful projects are related to ineffective communications.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides advanced communications and collaboration tools that help project teams meet their goals. VoIP makes it easier to set up and hold team meetings, share information and maintain efficient day-to-day communications. Combining VoIP with project management techniques such as Agile or DevOps helps teams reduce project timescales and deliver results faster.

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Other Articles

Let’s Chat: Is Your Business Ready for Chatbots?

The stars have come together, or maybe it’s the planets that have converged. At any rate, we have arrived at a time that could not be better for the emergence of chatbots. Years of artificial intelligence (A.I.) development and natural language processing (NLP) studies have made them possible. People’s preference for texting makes them desirable. Plus, (bonus!), they don’t call for downloading yet another app to users’ already crowded screens.

These are the whys of chatbots, now let’s look at the what.

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Back to the Future: The Evolution of Business Communication

Archaeologists trace mankind back to 200,000 and 100,000 BC. And we take it womankind, too since we’re here to tell about it.  That would be our ancestral family, the homo sapiens (wise man). They disagree however as to how the family tree branched out. Most believe our direct ancestor was homo habilis (working man) who lived 2.5 million years ago. Dissenters argue it was

Dissenters argue it was homo ergaster (workman). They were the restless branch, the first to leave Africa 1.9 million years ago to settle in various places around the world. Whether they, the Neanderthals or the Aboriginals felt a need to communicate with those they left behind remains unknown.

And then someone smelled smoke.

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