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The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – March 31, 2017
March 31st, 2017

The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – March 31, 2017

This week on The VoIP Report we discussed how VoIP improves product management communications. We also shared an infographic the breaks down BYOD policies for any business considering adding it to the...


This week on The VoIP Report we discussed how VoIP improves product management communications. We also shared an infographic the breaks down BYOD policies for any business considering adding it to their business mix. Finally, we shared why it’s important to not underestimate your phone system’s intelligence.

If you missed any of our articles or any of this week’s industry news check it out below.

Featured Article

How VoIP Improves Production Management Communications

Busy production managers face many challenges during the day, and they need to keep in touch with key personnel in their team. Sometimes communications are urgent when an individual is needed quickly. At other times, production managers might want to get information out to the whole team or the supply chain.

That means communications must be flexible, easy to use, and reliable. VoIP can provide a platform for all the different messages, calls, conferences, and notifications a production manager has to deal with. In the following “day in the life” scenario, we show how different communication tools provide a solution to day-to-day needs in the production department.

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Featured Infographic

The Business of Bring Your Own Device Policies

Bring Your Own Device policies are on the rise with Gartner predicting that 50 percent of businesses will require employees to supply their own device this year. With cost savings a must, businesses are prioritizing BYOD, making it one of the biggest trends in the last decade.

We discuss why BYOD continues to be a popular choice among businesses in our infographic, “The Business of Bring Your Own Device Policies.” In it, you will learn the benefits of BYOD and receive a step-by-step guide for creating a policy of your own.

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Other Articles

Benefits of Transitioning from Legacy PBX to Cloud PBX

Many businesses who use VoIP services today may be thinking about moving from their legacy PBX to cloud PBX. A cloud-based VoIP option provides many benefits over the more complex legacy option, which can put companies at risk.

Not only does legacy PBX cost more to maintain, but it provides poor audio quality, and can be difficult for remote workers to access and use. Cloud PBX provides many of the answers to these problems while being cheaper and more practical to implement.

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Take Time to Prepare for Cloud Migration Challenges

Everywhere you look these days, enterprises are moving data, critical business operations, and even desktop apps to the cloud. And once they get there, a well-deployed cloud migration comes with major benefits. These benefits include improved performance, increased stability, and reduced the cost of ownership.

But just as a move to a new office requires months of preparation and organization, making the switch to a cloud platform calls for careful consideration. Businesses need to take the time to prepare for cloud migration challenges.

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Are CPaaS and UCaaS Merging?

In a classic case of If you can’t beat them, join them, many major UCaaS providers are acquiring CPaaS companies, while others are launching their own versions. But truth be told, it’s not a major revolution, since the boundaries between the two territories were porous from the start. For example, back in 2011, Twilio, a major CPaaS player and a pioneering provider (now valued at $1 billion), launched OBVX, a tool to transform CPaaS into UCaaS. In the opposite corner, Avaya, a big name in UCaaS, acquired CPaaS provider Corvisa in 2015.

Before one can understand where all these mergers are heading, it’s helpful to consider where they began, and what common needs each of the two cloud-based services were designed to fulfill. Then you can understand if CPaaS and UCaas are actually merging.

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Don’t Underestimate Your Phone System’s Intelligence

Like most businesses today, you probably have surveillance cameras in place to safeguard the premises and keep an eye on your staff. You make it a practice to review the recorded video and data regularly. But are you also paying attention to what your phone systems can tell you?

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