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How WebRTC Benefits Call Centers

Aug 23rd, 2017

WebRTC, which stands for Web Real-Time Communications, is a technology that enables call centers to improve the quality, scope and productivity of their customer service operations without investing i...

[QUIZ] What’s Up with WebRTC?
Mar 10th, 2017

Do you know everything about WebRTC? If so test your knowledge by taking our What's Up with WebRTC quiz. Then share your results on social media!

The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – February 24, 2017
Feb 24th, 2017

Missed something on The VoIP Report? If so, check out the weekly roundup February 24 and see what happened in the world of VoIP this week.


How WebRTC Benefits Unified Communications
Feb 23rd, 2017

WebRTC, yet another set of letters to remember in addition to all the as-a-services. But do remember them, because it can fit into your UC infrastructure.

Contact Centers Need WebRTC to Stay on Top
Feb 1st, 2017

One tool being underutilized is WebRTC which according to Matt Grech can save the day for contact centers. So why do contact centers need WebRTC?

Skype vs WebRTC: Are They the Same Thing?
Dec 26th, 2016

People often ask if Skype and WebRTC are the same. The easy answer to this questions is no, but the question is bigger than a simple yes or no answer. So let’s discuss how they compare to each other a...

WebRTC Surges
Sep 7th, 2016

Web-based real-time communication (WebRTC) is a solution that enables real-time communication via a Web browser instead of dedicated applications or plug-ins. The technology is experiencing a global s...

Embedding WebRTC into Your Website
Sep 7th, 2016

In May 2016, Apple revealed they will be adding Web Real Time Communication (RTC) to Webkit. This is big for WebRTC since some professionals were questioning its validity as Apple hadn’t adopted the t...

Enterprises and WebRTC: Why They’re a Perfect Match
Jul 5th, 2016

Over the last five years a little technology known as webRTC has made its way to the forefront of our industry. It enables real-time voice and audio communications to any website without the need to d...

WebRTC gets the spotlight on VentureBeat
Jun 8th, 2016

VentureBeat is one of the most popular digital magazines on the planet, so when an article on WebRTC hits its web pages, we here at The VoIP Report get pretty excited.Telecom influencer Tsahi Levent-L...

5 Reasons WebRTC Is a Boon to Call Centers
May 20th, 2016

Web Real-Time Communications, or WebRTC, is a platform used to enable Real-Time Communications (RTC) in an Internet browser. Network, audio, and video components are all a part of this form of high-qu...

Why You Should Use WebRTC for Your Contact Center
May 18th, 2016

Although WebRTC burst onto the scene in 2012, it didn't really take off until recently, as a growing number of web browsers found ways to support this new technology. Now, with all this availability o...

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