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The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – February 10, 2017

Feb 10th, 2017

Want to know what happened on The VoIP Report this week? Then check out our weekly roundup February 10 to learn more about VoLTE, extortionware and more.

VoIP or VoLTE: Which Will Lead the Market
Feb 9th, 2017

Over the last few years, VoLTE has entered the communications market as a competitor to VoIP. So which is better VoIP or VoLTE?

Why VoLTE is still a “Boring Old Phone Call”
Dec 2nd, 2016

How many times in the last year have you heard a company say their latest product or service was the “future of (insert tech term) technology?” How many times was the company right?Most companies toda...


VoIP vs VoLTE: What You Need to Know
Nov 9th, 2016

Technology is constantly changing and with it, communication is changing. From landlines to instant messaging, businesses continue to evolve to meet the needs of their employees and customers. VoIP (V...

What Is the Difference between VoIP and VoLTE?
Feb 8th, 2016

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) each uses packets to send voice and data over the Internet. Each lets you make calls over the Internet. However, the way...

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