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The VoIP Report

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VoIP Security Focus: How to Prevent VoIP Theft of Service

Sep 10th, 2017

Theft of service is the most common type of VoIP fraud. The various types of theft of service include stealing usernames, passwords, and account information.Sometimes known as subscription fraud, VoIP...

How to Steer Clear of the 5 Biggest VoIP Security Threats [Infographic]
Sep 3rd, 2017

While your company is probably taking the steps needed to secure your IT systems, security threats to VoIP are often overlooked. However, the consequences of a breach are real and can be costly. View...

Ransomware and Extortionware: What’s the Difference?
Aug 29th, 2017

Though the Internet boom of the last twenty years has proven to be positive in many ways, there are also some drawbacks. In particular, this technological advancement has also created an explosion of...


VoIP Security Focus: How to Protect Against VoIP Call Interception
Aug 21st, 2017

Telephone calls are among our most vulnerable means of communication. Spies and law enforcement have "tapped" phone calls for a hundred years or more. As phones became more sophisticated, so did the m...

VoIP Security Risks and Countermeasures
Aug 5th, 2017

Voice over internet phone (VoIP) technologies continue to rise in popularity. Businesses are attracted to the low-cost service option that increases efficiency and flexibility. Since VoIP phones rely...

What is Sinkholing and How Does It Protect Against Security Threats?
Aug 3rd, 2017

A sinkhole is a method used to redirect specific IP network traffic for security reasons. Examples of redirection of traffic include analysis, detection of abnormal activities and prevention of malwar...

How to Keep Your VoIP Phone System Secure
Mar 8th, 2017

While you were thinking about how much money VoIP will save you, did you ever consider security? If not here is how to keep your VoIP phone system secure.

With Growth of Messaging Apps, Hackers Follow Suit
Jul 25th, 2016

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are blowing up all over the world, to the tune of more than a billion users (that's a B, folks). These messaging apps help businesses collaborate and communicate with e...

Tumblr Data Breach Alert – What You Should Know
Jun 2nd, 2016

Social media keeps us all connected in ways that the world could never have anticipated before. But for all the positives of connectivity, there are, of course, plenty of downsides. Recent news about...

How to Secure Your Voice and Data Network
May 16th, 2016

Newsflash: Everything is moving to the cloud. Ok,so maybe that's not a newsflash, but it is something worth repeating from time to time, particularly when it comes to the question: how can you secure...

When It Comes to Phishing, Enterprises Are Falling Behind
Apr 28th, 2016

In now its 9th iteration, the annual Verizon Data Breach Report was just released, and comes with some not-so-wonderful news on a variety of fronts, including click-through rates on phishing messages,...

Nearly 80% of Companies Don’t Know How to Respond to Cyber Attacks
Apr 21st, 2016

A report released by NTT Com Security - in April - finds that a measly 23% of organizations are capable of responding effectively to a cyber incident, meaning that a whopping 77% of companies don't ha...

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