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video conferencing

Be Present Even on Video: Standing Out During a Conference Call

Jul 3rd, 2017

Would you wear your pajamas to an important business meeting at work? If not then why would you wear them during a video conference call?

4,000 Reasons Why 4K is the Next Wave of Video Conferencing
Jun 19th, 2017

Like a tsunami steadily approaching the shoreline, 4K video conferencing is poised to shake things up when it gets here. So what should you expect?

Harness the Power of Skype for Business Features
Jun 10th, 2017

Skype for Business is about a lot more than just video conferencing. Are you ready to harness the power of Skype for Business features? Find out how.


What can video conferencing do for your business?
Apr 6th, 2017

Video conferencing is one of the most important collaboration tools a business can use. If you aren't using it yet you should be. Find out why.

7 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Video Conferencing Solution
Jan 13th, 2017

To call video conferencing a useful tool is an understatement. However, many businesses don't know how to choose the right video conferencing solution.

Introducing the Videoconferencing app with unprecedented privacy controls
Jul 12th, 2016

Videoconferencing is a very effective and popular tool in the business and personal world; but sometimes it fees like holding a video conference gives folks a bit too much insight into your world. Wha...

Is Videoconferencing Still Not As Impactful as Face-to-Face Meetings?
Mar 1st, 2016

Videoconferencing is not that new a technology. It was first introduced to the world at the World's Fair in 1964. Many folks assumed this type of communication would completely replace the telephone -...

Get Ready for 2016: The Year of Holographic Conferencing
Dec 16th, 2015

Remember when video conferencing was all the rage? That was so five minutes ago. Businesses now can look forward to holographic conferencing - meeting with customers and colleagues in 3D (think Star W...

Out with the Old. In with the New: Video Conferencing Technology
Sep 30th, 2015

The office video conference: Everyone sits around a table with a phone and a projector and pretends to be in the same room. Most of the time it goes well, but sometimes either the audio or the video c...

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