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UCaaS: The Inner Workings

Aug 21st, 2017

The UCaaS market is expected to grow at a 14% CAGR Forecast by 2020 according to Wise Guy Reports.Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the future of the communications technology industry. E...

What’s the Deal With as a Service?
Jul 17th, 2017

If you want an as a service platform you can have one. But is that good news for your business, or just another difficult decision?

Businesses Go High Tech: UCaaS vs VoIP the Differences Explained
Jun 22nd, 2017

Businesses have a lot of tech choices these days, millions in fact. So it can be hard to discern the differences, especially when it comes to UCaaS vs VoIP. Find out why.


Why to Make UCaaS Part of Your Digital Transformation
May 26th, 2017

The UCaaS market is expected to grow at a rate of 20 to 25 percent a year, making it a top option for CIOs looking to digitally transform their businesses.

What to Consider When Choosing a UCaaS Provider
May 20th, 2017

Unified Communications as a Service can have many business benefits, but choosing a UCaaS provider may be overwhelming for some companies.

Are CPaaS and UCaaS Merging?
Mar 28th, 2017

Recently we have seen many CPaaS and UCaaS companies merging into one joint company. So is this trend going to continue or is it dead on its feet?

The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – March 10, 2017
Mar 10th, 2017

Missed something on The VoIP Report? If so, check out the weekly roundup March 3 and see what happened in the world of VoIP this week.

When Choosing UCaaS: Know Before You Go
Mar 7th, 2017

All the communication solutions available are not the same. Since they can differ, it’s best to understand the differences before choosing UCaaS.

What the Year Holds for UCaaS
Jan 12th, 2017

UCaaS is a convenient way for companies to benefits from Unified Communications. Derek Yoo discusses what the year holds for UCaaS.

Making Sense of Unified Communications as a Service
Dec 29th, 2016

Unified Communications as a Service can be extremely beneficial for businesses by lowering costs and eliminating the need for on-premise hardware.

4 Things in Store for Unified Communications as a Service in 2016
Dec 22nd, 2015

According to, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), hybrid consumption, contact centers, and collaboration will all be top of mind with business leaders adopting UC in 2016.It's tr...

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