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The Future of Cell Phone Voice Plans

Sep 11th, 2017

Apple announced the upcoming release of iOS 10 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Since the iPhone’s debut in 2007, Apple continues to wow users with constant upgrades, improved te...

IoT to Become the Most Connected Device
Sep 8th, 2017

The Internet of Things is projected to surpass the entirety of mobile devices in 2018 and become the most connected device. “The overall growth of Internet of Things (IoT) is continuing an upward tren...

VoIP or VoLTE: Which Will Lead the Market
Feb 9th, 2017

Over the last few years, VoLTE has entered the communications market as a competitor to VoIP. So which is better VoIP or VoLTE?


Why VoLTE is still a “Boring Old Phone Call”
Dec 2nd, 2016

How many times in the last year have you heard a company say their latest product or service was the “future of (insert tech term) technology?” How many times was the company right?Most companies toda...

Hotel Phones Are Accommodating Modern Guests
Nov 22nd, 2016

Today’s workforce is mobile, constantly traveling from one place to another to do business. This means they are often staying in hotels where they take conference calls and do other work right from th...

The 411 on Mobile 911 Calls
Sep 26th, 2016

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 70% of 911 calls are placed on mobile phones. However, making an emergency call from a mobile phone is not like the movies. Mobile phones don’...

VoIP Softphone Mini Guide
Aug 17th, 2016

Softphones are bringing the benefits of VoIP to the office and mobile workers and saving businesses money, compared to an investment in desk phones. And, because they bring VoIP to mobile devices, sof...

How HR Uses Mobile to Manage and Recruit Employees
Aug 12th, 2016

Mobile technology is making waves in internal business functions. Mobile communication systems like instant messaging apps and email improve a business's efficiency and accuracy. Human Resources are o...

Are You Ready for the Speed of 5G? Better Be!
Jul 21st, 2016

Ever wonder what the wireless world would look like if it got 10-fold boost in speed? You're about to. This past week, the FCC took a major step in bringing the speed of 5G to the masses, by opening u...

Here’s How Google Plans to Revolutionize Smartphones
May 26th, 2016

Every tech company is constantly on the search for the next best thing, so it should come at no surprise that Google is hard at work trying to revolutionize smartphones. Smartphones, of course, are ou...

Mobile Healthcare – The Influx of Modern Technology
Mar 28th, 2016

If you've been to the doctor recently, it's likely that you've seen a growing rise in medical technology, which in turn has led to an increase in mobile healthcare. Handwritten notes in patient files...

Ordinary Phone or Smart Hub?