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The VoIP Report

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Before You Move, Switch to Hosted VoIP

Feb 21st, 2017

How can you prevent a communication delay during your office move? You switch to hosted VoIP of course. Here are 3 reasons why to make the switch.

The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup – February 3, 2017
Feb 3rd, 2017

Want to know what happened on The VoIP Report this week? Then check out The VoIP Report Weekly Roundup for the week of February 2.

On-Premise Vs Hosted VoIP: Which is Right for Your Business
Jan 31st, 2017

This eBook, On-Premise vs Hosted VoIP, is a comprehensive guide to purchasing VoIP phone systems for anyone researching the difference.


How Do You Know if You Need to Upgrade Your Phone Service?
Mar 29th, 2016

These days, if you're working with an on-site business phone system, chances are you've experienced some frustrations from time to time. But are these frustrations enough for you to upgrade your phone...

Can Hosted Unified Communications Help Tax Preparers?
Mar 1st, 2016

Tax season is a hectic time of the year for just about everyone out there. But few people endure the levels of stress that tax professionals have to deal with. But how can hosted unified communication...

The Problems Facing Hosted VoIP Phone Systems
Feb 1st, 2016

Many business owners and entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time trying to determine the best VoIP option for their endeavors. Is a hosted VoIP system their best bet?Many believe so, it is....

72% of Telecom Customers Don’t Understand Hosted VoIP
Jan 6th, 2016

Cloud technology, or "the cloud" as it's typically referred to, has become pretty commonplace among business people and consumers alike. The cloud a great place to store large volumes of information a...

The Business Phone Cloud Revolution
Dec 2nd, 2015

The tides are turning: The number of businesses choosing cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service is surpassing those who choose a traditional system. VoIP offers many advantages...

Pros and Cons of Cloud-based VoIP
Nov 25th, 2015

If you're already using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service, you're reaping the benefits that VoIP offers your business. Cloud-based VoIP could be an even more advantageous solution. Bef...

Decision: On-Premise or Cloud VoIP
Nov 17th, 2015

According to research, 65% of businesses are expected to utilize some form of VoIP service by the end of this year. The growth is largely due to the cost savings and flexibility advantages of VoIP ove...

VoIP Security: Why Hosted VoIP May Be the Better Option
Oct 5th, 2015

When you think about traditional landline telephone service, aside from wiretaps and eavesdropping, inherent security risks don't typically come to mind. But that's not the case with Voice over Intern...

Cloud Video Reimagines the Teleconference
Sep 24th, 2015

While business meetings do still happen within the paneled walls of a conference room, many more are happening via conference telephone calls. Now, with the growth of video as a service (VaaS) or clou...

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