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disaster recovery

Is it Time to Be and IT Disaster Prepper

Jul 20th, 2017

If your office lost power or experienced a natural disaster, would you be ready? If not it's time to become IT disaster prepper. Find out why.

After the Outage: What Downtime Teaches Us About IT Resilience
Jul 11th, 2017

From Delta to United, 2017 seems to be the year of outages. So what can all of this downtime teach us about IT resilience? Find out now.

Using VoIP to Safeguard Against Outages
Jun 2nd, 2017

What can businesses do ensure that they never experience downtime for any reason? You can start by adding VoIP to safeguard against outages.


How Continuous Data Protection Improves Disaster Recovery
May 30th, 2017

Looking for ways to improve your disaster recovery strategy? Find out why many businesses are turning to continuous data protection to accomplish that task.

The Evolution of Disaster Recovery Starts with the Cloud
Feb 9th, 2017

Remember the early days of computers when disaster recovery required a full-scale strategy? Well, today it is easier than ever, just use the cloud.

Unified Communications Drives Disaster Recovery
Nov 29th, 2016

Imagine the city you work in experiences a major natural disaster or city-wide blackout. Your business loses access to its communication systems. The phones are down meaning you have no way to communi...

VoIP Lauded as Hero After Ecuador Earthquake
Oct 14th, 2016

When a major earthquake hit Ecuador last April, most people in the country were not prepared. Thousands of men, women, and children were buried in their homes. Even more were injured or lost power and...

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