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call center

Call Center Strategies Growing from UC

Dec 6th, 2017

Today, call centers can no longer rely on voice alone to deal with customers. Customers and prospects expect to reach a company by the channel of their choice, which could be text, email, video or web...

How WebRTC Benefits Call Centers
Aug 23rd, 2017

WebRTC, which stands for Web Real-Time Communications, is a technology that enables call centers to improve the quality, scope and productivity of their customer service operations without investing i...

You’re Hired! Skills Every Contact Center Agent Needs
Jul 7th, 2017

The role of the contact center agent is changing, meaning a new set of skills is required. So what do you need to look for when hiring someone new?


The Evolution of Call Center Fraud
Jun 19th, 2017

Call center fraud is on the rise. This means businesses have to focus on keeping their call centers safe from the hackers preying them. Find out how.

Constant Contact: 7 Questions to Ask About Your Contact Center
May 22nd, 2017

What can businesses do to ensure they are using their contact center to the fullest? If you want to know check out this article on The VoIP Report.

Creating a Better Call Center Customer Experience
May 22nd, 2017

Whether we like it or not, the name call center is synonymous with bad service. So what can businesses do to improve the call center customer experience?

The Customer is Always Right: How to Improve the Call Center Experience
May 2nd, 2017

When your customer calls your business are they having a positive call center experience? If you answered no then you need to read this article.

How to Handle the Peaks and Valleys of Call Center Call Volume
Apr 18th, 2017

Having call center call volume issues? Try going cloud-based.

Do Mid-Sized Businesses Need Call Centers?
Mar 15th, 2017

Not all businesses need call centers. So how can you tell where your business stands? Knowing the questions to ask yourself is the first step.

Why Every SMB Needs Hosted Call Centers
Mar 6th, 2017

Call centers aren't new, however, it is new for small businesses to be able to afford them. That is all thanks to hosted call centers.

How VoIP Improves the Call Center Customer Experience
Jan 26th, 2017

This eBook is a comprehensive guide on how VoIP improves the call center customer experience for those who are researching the available options.

13 Secrets to Using VoIP to Improve Customer Service
Jan 25th, 2017

This eBook is an unbiased, comprehensive guide to VoIP phone systems for business professionals who want to learn how VoIP improves customer service.

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