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business communications

VoIP Helps Businesses Adapt to Change

Oct 11th, 2017

Can your workplace meet the expectations of millennials? If not then you need VoIP. Why? Because VoIP helps businesses adapt to change.

Company Culture Decides if Your Business Survives or Thrives
Aug 16th, 2017

When businesses lose sight of why they started in the first place, the company culture suffers. Find out why you don't want this to happen.

Uncomplicating VoIP: Why It’s Easier to Use Than You Think
Aug 14th, 2017

Sure saying Voice Over Internet Protocol five times fast is a near impossibility. But is that hard to use? Find out in this article.


Communications shape the changing workplace
Aug 14th, 2017

Today’s workplace is characterized by high levels of flexibility and mobility. So how can communications help ensure this new workplace is successful?

Do Your Meetings Really Need to Be “Cool”?
Aug 11th, 2017

Meetings don't necessarily need to be cool to be effective. Find out what I mean in this article.

Is It the End of UC as We Know? How UC Can Thrive in 2017
Aug 10th, 2017

Are you ready to use unified communications? Then you need to know how. This article gives you all you need to get started.

All About the Headset: Three Trends to Watch
Aug 6th, 2017

When you think about VoIP and call centers you probably think about the phone. But do you ever consider the headset? If not you need to see these trends.

Are You a VoIP Newbie? Here Are the Answers to Your Top 5 Questions
Jul 29th, 2017

It is important to know your stuff before switching to any new business tool, VoIP included. So if you're a VoIP newbie check out the answers the 5 biggest questions now.

Creating a Mobile Enterprise for Your Business: Questions to Ask
Jul 27th, 2017

The business world is going mobile, meaning you need to look into ways to create a mobile enterprise. It all starts with asking the right questions.

Why Your Businesses Needs to Focus on Chatbots and Not Apps
Jul 22nd, 2017

One of the biggest decisions business owners are plagued with these days is if they go with chatbots or apps. So which one is it? Find out now.

Is Your Business Phone System Cost Effective?
Jul 18th, 2017

When it comes to your business phone system it's important to consider how much it is really costing you. So tell yours costing you too much?

Putting the Pro in Professional Greetings, Scripts and Recordings
Jul 17th, 2017

There is no need to have stage fright when creating your work voicemail or a professional greeting. Simply use these tips and tricks!

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