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business communication

What is Virtual PBX

Aug 28th, 2017

Small businesses often struggle to maintain efficiency, costs, and service an influx of customers. Typically employees and executives of small businesses “wear multiple hats”. The individual in charge...

UCaaS: The Inner Workings
Aug 21st, 2017

The UCaaS market is expected to grow at a 14% CAGR Forecast by 2020 according to Wise Guy Reports.Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the future of the communications technology industry. E...

Back to the Future: The Evolution of Business Communication
May 29th, 2017

Communication has come a long way since the days of smoke signals and carrier pigeons. But do you know the entire evolution of business communication?


Improving Coworker Communication Goes Beyond VoIP
May 10th, 2017

Businesses need to focus on creating a healthy communication culture. Is your business struggling with coworker communication?

How VoIP Cuts Business Costs
Dec 13th, 2016

Businesses, especially those with limited budgets, often look for ways to cut costs without hindering their business practices. To accomplish this, many are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo...

VoIP vs VoLTE: What You Need to Know
Nov 9th, 2016

Technology is constantly changing and with it, communication is changing. From landlines to instant messaging, businesses continue to evolve to meet the needs of their employees and customers. VoIP (V...

Polycom’s Acoustic Fence Helps Reduce Noise
Nov 1st, 2016

Polycom just announced the launch of a new innovative technology, Acoustic Fence. This feature helps eliminate background noise during phone conversations on VVX Business Media Phones, making calls qu...

UC and Conferencing Go Hand in Hand
Jul 14th, 2016

Business communication technologies have changed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades to become an easier, digitized process that has transformed the business conference into a more streamlin...

Communication Habits of Highly Likable People
Jun 9th, 2016

Likability is becoming a factor for success at work as the use of social networks and video conferencing grows. In business, likability plays a crucial role in success and advancement. Studies show th...

Will New FCC Regulations Destroy Jobs?
Apr 12th, 2016

New FCC regulations that will take over pricing of business broadband services could potentially eliminate nearly 44,000 jobs, according to a study by Hal Singer, principal of Economists, Inc.A press...

Business Tech Etiquette: Should I Call or Email?
Mar 28th, 2016

In this age of technology, email is a very popular and widely-used medium of communication in our daily business lives. An email provides both parties with a written reference to the conversation. The...

Business Communication Being Redefined By Messaging Apps
Feb 8th, 2016

Business communication is constantly evolving in the digital age, but the global economy's reliance on remote workers and support have magnified these changes and evolutions. It wasn't too long ago wh...

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