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The VoIP Report

Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Cincinnati Bell Inc.



221 E. 4th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

Year Founded


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Company Description

Cincinnati Bell is a leader in the field of integrated communications solutions. Their products include local and long distance voice, data, high-speed Internet and entertainment services. The company serves the tri state area of portions of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Their area of service covers more than 2,400 square miles.

Size of business served

Cincinnati Bell provides options for Small to Medium companies. They have multiple bundles that include everything from phone service with 16 calling features, high-speed internet, IP addresses and access to over 350 Wi-Fi hotspot locations.

Service plans

Cincinnati Bell offers several different service plans:

  • Emerge

Suite of options such as remote office, call center functionality and unified messaging. Users can also scale up the service from less than ten to over 100 employees or phone lines.

  • Evantage

Evantage uses your existing phone line and makes your telephony VoIP instead of landline. You can manage your service through the company’s web-based cloud system.


Cincinnati Bell requires two business phones with the new activation of at least one business phone line and Internet. Activation fees for Internet and wireless networking are not included. Taxes, surcharges, and government fees are additional to the package prices. All equipment is the property of Cincinnati Bell. Failure to return integrated wireless modem upon termination of service will result in a $100 termination fee.


Cincinnati Bell offers 24/7 Customer Support via phone. They also have multiple tutorials and FAQs available for every service they offer. There is a virtual assistant that can help answer questions in real time.

Customers get a dedicated service team if they choose the Evantage Plan.


Cincinnati Bell provides the standard VoIP features with their business phone systems such as caller ID and messaging.

Additional features include:

  • “Follow Me” service that will allow up to ten numbers to ring whenever you receive a call
  • Guaranteed uptime and the QOS (Quality of Service) provided with the Cincinnati Bell network
  • E911, Caller ID, and Directory Listings included as part of the package price
  • Unlimited local calling with no per minute charges
  • Managed VoIP Session Border Controller (SBC) router included with the service at no charge
  • Online dashboard controls for the system
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery

Optional Features:

  • Virtual Auto Attendants
  • Call Center Routing
  • DID call routing


Cincinnati Bell offers a scalable system that permits you to scale up or down depending on your changing corporate needs.

Quality and reliability

Cincinnati Bell relies on the company’s high-speed Internet connections for its business packages. The company advertises it provides 5Mbps downstream/768Kbps upstream.

Cincinnati Bell provides a dedicated connection from companies, so there is no bandwidth sharing and the usual peak usage operational slow-downs.

Small businesses can also have access to 1 Gbps (or 1,000 Mbps) internet speeds for an additional charge. This is only available in certain areas.


Cincinnati Bell’s high-end package is especially directed towards integrating existing telephony systems with their VoIP network.


The company does not list pricing on their website. Businesses must call and speak with a sales representative.