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The VoIP Report

Buckeye Telecom

Buckeye Telecom



349 Trail E Etna, OH 43062

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Company Description

Buckeye Telecom is a business infrastructure management company and telecom broker. The company procures, implements, and supports technologies, including VoIP for business. Based in Ohio, Buckeye Telecom seeks out the top vendors in any given area and puts together a plan with a customized quote for customers nationwide.

Size of business served

Buckeye Telecom can arrange service plans for any size business, be it a small entrepreneur endeavor, and mid-sized business or a large enterprise.

Service plans

Buckeye Telecom doesn’t have any specific service plans – each client is analyzed and a variety of suitable vendors contacted for quotes. Buckeye serves as a telecom agent to find the best deal based on quality service and pricing.

Plans can include SIP trunking, for businesses with their own system in place but seeking to take advantage of the cloud; hosted or virtual PBX systems that shift IT responsibility onto the carrier, or IP/PRI lines to streamline communications and cut costs.


Buckeye does not provide equipment, but some of the vendors they use do. The rule of thumb for VoIP service providers is that company-provided equipment is serviced, maintained, upgraded, and monitored by the company. Customer-provided equipment must be handled by the customer.

Equipment may be available as part of the package on a lease-to-own basis or as an outright purchase. The first two options allow little or no CAPEX; the third permits immediate ownership of the equipment which can then be taken to another carrier if desired.


Support for Buckeye Telecom customers is available via a customer portal, email, and phone. Basic support is available Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Neither service level agreement specific information nor historic uptime information is available, although the site does link to a tool to check connectivity.


Since Buckeye is a broker, specific features are not listed on the website. VoIP for business normally includes caller ID, call waiting, call hold, call transfer, and call forwarding. Voicemail, voicemail to email, and music on hold, or auto attendant options may also be available.

Internal features include directed inward dialing (DID), receptionist console, call hunting, ring groups, and more. Unified communication features may include find-me, follow-me, remote office, and audio or video conferencing.


Buckeye Telecom may provide quotes from several carriers, and flexibility may vary. Customers should ask about scalability, built-in redundancy, bandwidth allocation, and uptime guarantees.

Quality and reliability

The quality and reliability of carriers for which Buckeye Telecom may act as an agent may vary. Customers seeking business VoIP services should look for a guaranteed SLA, review jitter and packet loss rates, and ask about hidden fees and restrictions.


Buckeye does not offer CRM integration. Some of the carriers that present their quotes via Buckeye may offer CRM integration.


There is no cost to use Buckeye Telecom’s broker services. The fees are paid by the vendor the client selects after Buckeye presents the quotes, and the selected carrier will continue to pay residual commissions to Buckeye Telecom for the life of the contract.

Costs for VoIP service are typically 50% – 70% lower than standard telephony rates. Quotes may include options for trunking to support an existing on-premise PBX, or fully supported cloud service with phones, IT support, and maintenance included.