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Bright House

Bright House



700 Carillon Pkwy Ste 6 Saint Petersburg, FL 33716

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Company Description

Bright House is a communications company specializing in voice, internet, video and IT solutions with a broad range of applications. Service is available in particular cities from the Great Lakes area down through the mid-eastern and south-eastern US, and throughout California.
The company serves the healthcare, insurance and real estate, food and beverage, professional and private services, architecture and construction industries as well as others. Bright House services can be used for both start-up and growth of new businesses, or as a way to streamline communications for established companies. One of the company’s selling points is a best price guarantee for most services even without a long-term contract.

Size of business served

Bright House offers plans and support for small, mid-market and enterprise businesses, with special solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. Startups can use Bright House as they grow, and established businesses can easily switch to VoIP without large CAPEX.

Service plans

Bright House offers simple month-to-month service or long term contracts. Services can be purchased a la carte or as “bundles”. The business phone service plans include two options: basic (appropriate for fax and POS lines) and full featured (including a host of expected benefits such as call waiting, call transfer and call hold).

Up to 12 lines can be installed, and optional features added as needed to customize each line. Trunk lines are available in groupings of 8, 12, 16, or 24 lines. They can support internal PBX systems and have TDM, PRI, and SIP compatibility. Free phone numbers are included as are blocks of toll minutes, and local numbers are fully portable. Business Internet is required to be bundled with Business Trunking.

No long term contract is required, and businesses with up to 100 employees or more can be supported. Cloud-hosted business VoIP packages are available for companies with 2 – 40 users. The premium feature pack is designed for those with a need for both desktop capability and mobile integration and includes options such as music on hold, call forwarding, and call transfer between mobile and desktop lines.

The mobility feature pack is compatible with most mobile user plans and allows remote or in the field workers to tap into the network without paying for a desktop phone. The conference feature pack brings full teleconference capability into play with three-way calling, call transfer, and the option of a hands-free conference phone.

Plans can be easily scaled up or down with features available as add-ons.

Month to month plans can be canceled easily; three-year contract plans incur a termination charge. Existing local and toll-free phone numbers can usually be transferred to Bright House at no additional charge, with service staying unbroken and the process streamlines. Wiring and installation are provided if needed; otherwise, installation is swift, and service can generally be set-up in less than a week after an order is placed.


Bright House can support customer-side IP phones including conference phones and cordless phones as well as mobile phones vended by a variety of carriers.

Bright House can provide:

  • business phones
  • sidecars
  • conference phones
  • full-color display phones
  • multiple line phones
  • HD-enabled phones for each line, though a per unit equipment fee applies

Customers can supply their own equipment as long as it is compatible with the Bright House system. Equipment supplied by Bright House is managed by the provider; this includes maintenance, upgrades, and replacement if equipment is faulty. Any equipment supplied by the customer must be managed by the customer. Equipment supplied by Bright House can be lease only, or can be purchased directly from Bright House if the customer seeks to move to another service provider.


Bright House provides support across a variety of channels; the website hosts a comprehensive resource center with guides and info sheets as well as an extensive FAQ. A toll-free number for Customer Care is available 24/7/365, as is an email form for tech support and other issues. Training is available via webinars or on-site sessions, a user portal is available for hosted voice users, and videos are also provided to walk new users through feature packs, phone models, and administrative functions. The service level agreement guarantees 99.995 uptime, latency of no more than 25 ms, and packet loss of no more than .05% at all times excluding maintenance periods.


Bright House business phone line features include unlimited local and long distance calling, caller ID, call waiting, call hold, call forwarding and call transfer. Enhanced packages can include call hunt and remote call forwarding, and mobile feature packs allow seamless transfer of calls between desktop and mobile devices. Hosted VoIP cloud solutions include directed call pickup, shared executive lines, priority alerts, three-way calling, and more. Additional features can be added including automated attendant, a receptionist console, extended microphone options for conference calling, and extra voicemail boxes. Find-me follow me allows workers to stay connected on multiple devices even when not in the office, Call logs allow for research into the last twenty calls, or enhanced detail reports to be run on specific lines. Voice messages can be set up to reach any device the user ties into their line, and call queuing is available to improve customer experiences.


Bright House offers basic business phone services, business trunking for companies seeking to hook their existing PBX system into a reliable support grid, and fully hosted Business VoIP that eliminated significant CAPEX and can be integrated with mobile lines. Localized weather / disaster conditions won’t stop companies from functioning, and remote workers can be included from any location. Physical devices and hardware can be shifted within locations, and E911 service is functional within 72 hours if the location of a device is properly registered. Phone numbers can be ported in and routed from device to device as needed.

Quality and reliability

Bright House provides a typical Service Level Agreement promising downtime of less than .005 % as well as guarantees regarding latency and packet loss for crystal clear call quality with little or no jitter when Bright House internet is bundled and used with voice services. Single points of failure are eliminated with cloud hosting and geographically diverse servers. A wide range of business phones and conference models are available to choose from, as well as sidecars to expand line monitoring per user. HD voice, color screen functionality, and multi-line call handling are all available.


Bright House currently advertises no CRM integration for their business VoIP systems. Integration with mobile devices is, however, extensive and users can easily stay on top of calls when on the road, at home, or otherwise out of the office.


Bright House has a very extensive pricing model that is transparent yet extremely itemized. Up-front costs for switching to hosted VoIP require minimal CAPEX, but each piece of equipment carries a monthly surcharge that can quickly increase pricing for customers who do not bring their own equipment.

Business phone plans start at $30 per line, per month plus taxes and equipment for basic lines; $35 per line, per month plus taxes and equipment for full featured lines. These prices are for multiple lines with up to 12 lines available. Add-on features can quickly increase these costs.

Discounts are offered for bundling with internet services. Business trunking starts at $225 per month for 8 trunks up to $300 per month for 24 trunks, plus taxes and equipment fees. Hosted VoIP plans are available in feature packs, with costs ranging from $10 – $35 per user per month plus taxes and equipment fee (ranging from $5-$30 per month; equipment available on packages with 3 year agreement.)