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2500 North Buffalo #220 Las Vegas, NV 89128

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Company Description

BluIP is a wholesale cloud based voice and IP provider servicing a broad range of industries including hospitality, financial, and communications companies among others. BluIP’s nationwide network allows the company to provide white label options as well as high quality hosted PBX and cloud based unified communications.

Size of business served

While BluIP is appropriate for any sized business, it excels at streamlining communications for mid-range to enterprise companies, with hosted PBX and cloud solutions that can be expanded or shrunk according to demand.

Service plans

BluIP doesn’t publicize specific plan information, but does advertise hosted solutions with little or no CAPEX. Plans are available on a month-to-month basis, or contracts between 1-3 years in length can be provided.

Hosted PBX offers the convenience of a private network without the expense of maintaining an on-site PBX system. A complete phone system is provided with cloud hosting and complete backup. For those with a legacy PBX, SIP trunking connects the existing solution with the cloud, reducing the need for expansive in-house IT and streamlining inbound and outbound calling as well as supporting internal communications.

Existing phone numbers can usually be ported to BluIP (the company advertises number portability across 95% of the continental US), and all plans can be scaled up or down as situations demand. Service can generally begin in less than one week from date of order; changes to service can be completed within 3 business days.


As is common with VoIP providers. BluIP’s services can be used with a variety of equipment. PCs, laptops and other enabled devices may be used as softphones; or existing hardware can be utilized if it is compatible with BluIP.

BluIP also provides complete solutions that include desktop phones and more; details are not available on the website, but typical equipment includes phones, modems / routers, or adapters depending on whether the service is a complete hosted PBX solution or a SIP trunking option.

Equipment supplied BluIP can be expected to be maintained by BluIP; equipment supplied by customer must be maintained by the customer. There is no data on whether or not equipment supplied by BluIP is lease-to-own, lease-only, or available for direct purchase alone.


BluIP provides support through several channels. Direct telephone support (including 24 / 7 technical support), an online ticketing system, a peer-to-peer community both on the site and on social media, and training are all options for help, as well as a comprehensive FAQ which is available for each aspect of service. The service level agreement guarantees 99.999% network availability


BluIP’s basic phone features include the ability to seamlessly switch between cellular and desktop phones with the press of a button, call notification, voicemail to email, and various messaging options.

Unified Communications features add extra layers of mobility and compatibility as well as conference rich themes.

Work anywhere capability allows calls to be transferred to the appropriate party anytime, anywhere.

Presence management lets colleagues know when a party is available or busy, and click to call functionality enables quick action.

Audio and video conferencing includes the ability to swiftly share files, workgroups or worksites.

Unified messaging brings voice and video calls together with text or email in one mailbox using Microsoft Outlook.

Fax over IP and fax to email is also available.

Smart Record allows calls to be recorded for security and quality control.

Call analytics make record keeping, training and task distribution easier for administrative and managerial staff.


BluIP provides a fully hosted PBX, eliminating the need for on-site hosting, as well as SIP trunking to allow legacy PBX systems to upgrade without expensive CAPEX.  Remote workers and telecommuters can easily gain access from alternate locations, and administrative management is simplified with a single portal.

As is customary with VoIP installations, e911 calling is available but locations may not be transmitted to emergency personnel if the handset in use is not registered with the appropriate services.

Quality and reliability

BluIP’s two separate server locations all for a geo-redundant network, eliminating single points of failure. The guaranteed uptime is 99.999%, and full technical support is available 24 / 7.

With the appropriate internet connection, both voice and video calls support HD quality visuals and sound. Smartphones can connect and deliver the same high quality experience, and most PCs and laptops will also deliver convenient softphone for reliable calling anywhere, anytime.


BluIP provides welcome integration with both Outlook and Salesforce, and is compatible with Lync. Contacts can be opened and click to call functionality is enabled for a variety of databases. A Google Chrome dialer integrates the power of Google and Office 365 in one dashboard.


BluIP offers no hints as to plan costs or phone pricing; those interested in services must contact a customer service representative for specifics. BluIP advertises a reduction in CAPEX and maintenance costs, and a high rate of savings when the fully hosted PBX option is chosen for companies with between 8 and 500+ employees.