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818 Stewart St Ste 400 Seattle, WA 98101

Year Founded


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Company Description

Avanade is a global IT consultancy firm providing cloud and managed services to a wide range of business verticals including banking, retail, education, health, utilities, and consumer goods and service sector. The company specializes in Microsoft management solutions, and partners with companies like IBM and Verizon to provide on-premise, outsourced, or in-the-cloud UCC solutions for companies in a wide range of verticals.

Size of business served

Although Avanade can be used for any sized business, they are best suited for mid-market to large companies and enterprise organizations seeking a cloud-hosted solution.

Service plans

Avanade publicizes no specific service plans on their site. They advertise unified communication and collaboration managed services, supplemented by monitored Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint integration.

Plan features, costs, and setup are determined on a case by case basis; those interested in using Avanade must contact a customer sales representative for a quote and tailored solution.


Equipment used with Avanade can be customer-provided or vendor-provided depending on the plan created. Phone models from typical VoIP-for-Business companies generally include softphone capability for desktop and laptop PCs, apps for mobile integration, desktop business phones, multi-channel phones, wireless or cordless phones, and HD voice / video-capable models.


Avanade support channels include email, phone and social media avenues. IT support and monitoring is available, and every customer’s experience is custom tailored depending on their needs.


No specifics about VoIP features is available via Avanade, since the company works with many partners to come up with custom solutions.

Normal VoIP for Business services includes basic features such as

  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer
  • Call blocking

Unified communications solutions feature

  • Presence or find-me-follow-me functionality
  • Voicemail to email
  • Conferencing, and more

Avanade designs systems that meet the requisites of all kinds of companies. Whether they need a strong internal communications system that is heavy on collaboration for multiple locations, or a robust customer service application that streamlines incoming calls and distributes them for the best experience, Avanade has an appropriate solution.


Avanade provides infinitely flexible solutions through its network of global partners. Mid-market and enterprise companies can sustain unlimited growth by adding users, seats, and features.

E911 service via VoIP usually depends on a battery backed-up device that can be moved from location to location. Accurate emergency service dispatch is dependent on the actual physical location of each device being properly registered and compatibility with local 911 systems.

Quality and reliability

HD voice, HD video, service level agreements, and other quality control factors will vary depending on the solution prepared by Avanade and the vendors chosen to provide services.

VoIP quality and clarity generally depends on the speed of the internet connection. The best VoIP providers have redundant systems with built in failovers to render outages rare and quickly solvable.


Avanade permits integration with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business for a full bodied unified communications approach. The company advertises customized CRM solutions, using Microsoft’s platform to integrate them.


No pricing is available for Avanade services without contacting a representative for a customized quote. The company does advertise saving of 15-20% over other managed solutions, but only offers VoIP for business as part of a larger package.