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7460 Warren Pkwy STE 218 Frisco, TX 75034-4275

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Company Description

ANPI owns and operates a private, nationwide IP network and supplies Internet, voice, and unified communications services to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage companies, financial institutions, administrative and civic organizations, and more. ANPI is attractive to all companies seeking to create a national or international presence without expensive CAPEX.

Size of business served

While any size company can benefit from ANPI’s business phone service, it is particularly well suited for small to mid-market sized businesses trying to establish a larger presence. Call center options and a robust unlimited plan make it an appropriate choice for enterprise companies as well.

Service plans

ANPI offers 1- to 3-year contracts with set monthly fees. The business phone service plans include three options: VIPrecision, VIProfessional, and VIPremier. All plans come equipped with basic features such as individual phones numbers (DIDs), E911 service, caller ID, 3-way calling, speed dial, and call logs. Also included are call forwarding, voicemail (including voicemail to email), shared call appearance, and extension to extension calls.

Professional and Premier plans have extended calling features, and all plans include unlimited local and long distance minutes and unlimited international calling to 22 countries. Plans can be customized at any level with fee-based features, and seats can be added based on user position and tasks. Simplified seats can also be added for shared spaces.

Existing phone numbers can be ported, and extra phone numbers can be added. Service to be used with existing equipment can be activated in ten minutes from time of purchase. Phones and other equipment can be purchased outright, or lease-to-own arrangements can be made.


Unified Communications allows PCs and other devices to be used as softphones. Existing PBX phones and equipment that is compatible with the APNI system can be used, but must be maintained by the customer.

High-quality desktop phones, including conference phones and cordless phones, can be purchased outright or leased from APNI, as can business media phones with voice and video capability. Administrators can choose from models with an interactive color touch screen, multiple lines, and extra functionality.

If APNI-provided phones are paid for in-full when contracts are terminated, they can be taken to another provider. If leased phones are not completely paid for, they must be returned or the balance paid in full.


ANPI support includes a dedicated account representative, 24 / 7 technical support via phone, customer training, monthly webinars, a web-based application, and ANPI hosted forums for peer support and advice. The headquarters can be toured on request.

The service level agreement guarantees 100% availability, between 99 and 99.99% packet delivery, and latency not to exceed 48-55 ms depending on the severity of any incident and tier of traffic. Initial response times are guaranteed to take place within 15 minutes, with complete service restoration occurring within 1-24 hours depending on the severity of the incident.


ANPI business phone features include:

  • unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • unlimited international calling to 22 countries and territories
  • integrated mobility for smartphones and other devices
  • hoteling for on-the-move users
  • call forwarding (including always, busy, no answer, selective and not reachable)
  • speed dial, and
  • voicemail

Unified communications options include:

  • voicemail to email
  • IM and presence capability
  • desktop sharing
  • web collaboration
  • audio conferencing
  • extension to extension calls
  • shared call appearance
  • three-way calling
  • conference bridging
  • call parking
  • call pickup
  • barging
  • directed call pickup

Account features include:

  • basic auto attendant
  • music on hold
  • hunt group and
  • call control

Available as an add-on are:

  • advanced auto attendant
  • toll-free numbers
  • fax lines
  • hosted virtual faxing
  • virtual extensions
  • virtual numbers, and
  • call recording


ANPI provides a completely hosted PBX solution, eliminating the need for an on-premise system. The fully private network is supported by 24 / 7 technical personnel, and in event of a localized weather issue or disaster, the systems stays up and running allowing users to work remotely and customers to receive uninterrupted support.

Enabled desktop phones and other equipment can be moved within locations or even used from alternate locations if needed. E911 service is available, but handset locations must be registered or the location of the call may not be delivered to emergency personnel.

Quality and reliability

ANPI’s completely closed, private network is supported, maintained, and monitored by a full support team of trained technical staff at all times. Built in fail-safes and redundancies create backups so service will remain uninterrupted in case of a local outage.

ANPI historically has a 99.999% uptime, and it’s geographically dispersed switching centers and data points are engineered to prevent single points of failure. HD audio is supported, as well as video and web conferencing. Basic call logs and reporting are supplied with higher tier levels of service.


ANPI does not offer CRM integration at this time; according to the website, a developer program is underway in the beta stages and developers are invited to sign up and create integration opportunities for CRM platforms.


ANPI’s plans carry a monthly base cost, to which the cost of phones and other hardware can be added. Once leased equipment is paid off, monthly costs will reflect the drop in billing. A single bill is generated for all services.

VIPrecision plans start at $24.99 per month per seat, appropriate for receptionist, front desk, common area, and conference room use.

VIProfessional seats start at 29.99 per month per user, and are suited for managerial staff and knowledge workers.

VIPremier plans start at $44.99 per month per seat, and provide all the features required by high-level managers and executives.

Seats can be mixed and matched and scaled up or down as needed. ANPI advertises up to 70% savings using hosted VoIP on their private network over an on-premise PBX. With lease-to-own programs, there is no upfront CAPEX, and hosted UC add-ons can be added per seat or plan.