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13 Secrets to Using VoIP to Improve Customer Service
January 25th, 2017

13 Secrets to Using VoIP to Improve Customer Service

Susan Vorodi

This eBook is an unbiased, comprehensive guide to VoIP phone systems for business professionals who want to learn how VoIP improves customer service.

This eBook, 13 Secrets to Using VoIP to Improve Customer Service, is a comprehensive guide to VoIP for business executives who are looking for a communications system that can help improve customer service by reducing wait times, improving efficiency and productivity, and increasing revenue and profitability.

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Customer satisfaction and retention are critical, and the way you handle customer calls can play an important part in determining success or failure. The telephone plays an important role in building and retaining customers for life. It is one of the first points of contact for customers looking for information, support, or advice and that makes a quality customer experience essential every time a customer gets in touch.

That’s where VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony can make the vital difference. Getting through without delay, reaching the right person and receiving the right answer the first time all contribute to a positive customer experience. VoIP has the features and services to help your business deliver a consistent telephone experience that builds high levels of customer satisfaction.

Unlike most of the marketing material you’ve probably been reviewing, this eBook offers unbiased information and advice on how VoIP can enable your customer service success and business growth.

This comprehensive eBook explores the customer service benefits businesses can expect from VoIP in the following areas:

  • Reduce the queues
  • Reach the right person
  • Bring in experts
  • Provide personalized service
  • Handle high-volume calls efficiently
  • Give agents more support
  • Manage telesales operations efficiently
  • Monitor customer trends
  • Serve customers via their preferred channel
  • Take a proactive approach
  • Broadcast notifications
  • Increase contact with your customers
  • Improve customer service in the field

Download this eBook below for unbiased insight on the benefits of VoIP phone systems can have on your business’s customer service. Stop wading through all of the marketing spin and learn what features and capabilities really benefit you.

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