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Inteliquent Enhances Voice and Messaging Services with Acquisition
July 27th, 2016

Inteliquent Enhances Voice and Messaging Services with Acquisition

Ian Linton

In May 2016, Inteliquent Inc. (NASDAQ:IQNT), a provider of voice telecommunications services, acquired Shopety, a developer of communications software and next generation switching technologies. Intel...

In May 2016, Inteliquent Inc. (NASDAQ:IQNT), a provider of voice telecommunications services, acquired Shopety, a developer of communications software and next generation switching technologies. Inteliquent expects the acquisition to enhance the company’s Omni product line with a range of new features, functionality and interface options.

But, how will that impact the company’s service offering, and what could it mean for businesses using telecom services? For users, the answer is less clear because Inteliquent doesn’t deal directly with businesses. It operates behind-the-scenes as a service provider to other telecom companies.

Delivering traffic

According to the company website, Inteliquent solutions enable carriers and other providers to deliver voice traffic or other services where they do not have their own network or choose not to use their own network. Customers include wireless, wireline, cable, and broadband service providers.

The company uses an all-IP network to deliver global connectivity for various media, including voice. Its voice services include local transit, long distance, switched access, international voice, direct inward dialing, and toll-free services.

Inteliquent claims to complete millions of phone calls and text messages every day for the biggest telecommunication companies in the United States, delivering more than 17 billion minutes of voice traffic per month.

These interconnection services travel on the company’s independent tandem backbone network, reducing telecom companies’ costs and providing them with a secure, reliable service.

Adding new services

However, as business customers recognize the value and benefits of the latest IP-based services, telecom companies need a cost-effective channel to develop and deliver those new services. And, that’s where the Shopety acquisition starts to make sense.

Inteliquent aims to continue growth and innovation by adding services like premium call quality over SIP trunking and APIs, allowing the company to seamlessly integrate with customer networks and services.

Omni is the company’s latest innovation, developed to simplify the integration of voice and messaging services into customers’ product portfolios. The Omni product line enables communication providers to use Inteliquent services to power their solutions easily and efficiently.

The Omni solution equips service providers with single source access to message-enabled telephone numbers and the delivery of all customer inbound and outbound voice calls and text messages to or from those telephone numbers.

Omni equips service providers with all inbound and outbound voice call flows, message-enabled DIDs, inbound and outbound SMS and MMS messaging, a user-friendly Web portal, and APIs for seamless integration and automation.

According to Alissa Clousing, Vice President of Product at Inteliquent, “Demand for communications that enable two-way connections is increasing rapidly. This is the new paradigm for communications and, through Omni, we’ve created the infrastructure to power it.”

Simplifying access to new services

The acquisition of Shopety, which trades under the name Better Voice, aims to improve the Omni service even further, as Brett Scorza, Inteliquent’s CIO and EVP of Product Development, explained. “With the acquisition of a robust next generation software and switching platform, plus the talented developers joining Inteliquent as part of the transaction, Omni further simplifies customer access to our communications services.”

Following the software and technology acquisition, the company plans further development of the software and switching platform, together with enhancements to the Omni product line, including a range of new features, functionality, and interface options.

The acquisition announcement did not provide details of the Shopety technology to be adopted by Inteliquent. However, according to the Shopety website, the Better Voice platform is completely cloud-based and geographically redundant. It has servers and infrastructure around the world and the system automatically scales to support thousands of simultaneously active calls over millions of lines and extensions.

Shopety has its own proprietary Voice API (similar to Twilio and Plivo) built on industry-proven technology standards that allow the company to offer a solution claiming to be more flexible than any competitor. The Shopety platform is built atop Docker, enabling the company to deploy a solution in the cloud or in an existing data center.

Benefits for businesses

While Inteliquent’s planned enhancement of Omni initially benefits telecom service providers, business customers can expect additional services to be available from their providers.

The wider availability of messaging and voice services that can integrate with business applications is part of the evolution of telecoms services from standalone voice to communications that form an integral part of any business process. This enables users to make and receive calls or messages seamlessly within a business application, rather than leaving the application to use a separate device. This can improve convenience and flexibility, as well as productivity.

The full benefit of the acquisition will become clear when Inteliquent announces the new, enhanced version of Omni. For now, service providers and their business customers can start planning for a better service.

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