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What can Cloud PBX do for Your Business
September 27th, 2017

What can Cloud PBX do for Your Business

Ian Linton

Cloud PBX replaces the traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on your premises with the latest digital version based in the cloud. A service provider owns, operates and maintains the PBX in a secur...

Cloud PBX replaces the traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on your premises with the latest digital version based in the cloud. A service provider owns, operates and maintains the PBX in a secure data center. You access the service via the Internet, using a high-speed broadband router.

Protect your capital

Cloud PBX solutions protect your capital because there are no upfront costs for a new PBX or other infrastructure. Instead, you pay an affordable monthly service provider fee that covers management, maintenance, and upgrades.

Reduce calling costs

Cloud PBX connects your phone system to the Internet, giving you access to call charges that are lower than the equivalent costs on the public switched telephone network. If your business makes a large number of long-distance or international calls, you can make significant savings.

Choose your phones

With cloud PBX, you have a greater choice of phones. You can retain your existing analog phones and adapt them for digital calling by fitting them with a low-cost converter. To enjoy the full benefits of digital telephony, you can purchase or lease the latest IP phones.

If your employees spend a lot of time away from their desks, in the office or working at home, cloud PBX offers you mobile options. Employees can make and take calls on mobile phones with Internet access, or use a laptop, tablet or personal computer fitted with a software app known as a softphone.

Eliminate maintenance and upgrade costs

When you operate a premise-based PBX, you could incur maintenance costs or suffer downtime if breakdowns occur. The impact of downtime on a business can be significant through lost productivity, the cost of service recovery, and the potential loss of revenue and customer confidence.

Although a cloud-based PBX could break down, you won’t notice any difference to the service. Service providers invest in carrier-grade equipment and set up duplicate systems. If one fails, the system automatically switches to a working alternative.

Software upgrades are frequent and that means additional license fees and time to deploy the latest versions of software to every user. But, with a cloud solution, the service provider deploys the latest versions to all your users, with no disruption and no additional costs.

Improve call handling

If your employees take calls on a variety of individual deskphones or mobiles with different numbers, it can be easy to miss calls. That leads to poor customer service, frustration and the potential for lost business.

With a cloud PBX phone service, callers dial a single number and the PBX routes them to your chosen extensions at the office or to mobiles. Your callers receive a professional greeting and can choose from a number of options, such as sales, technical support or customer service. Calls can be routed to extensions outside your business, like remote call centers or contractors handling specialist support functions.

Support flexible and mobile working

A cloud-based PBX can reach contacts anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Your employees don’t have to be at an office desk to make and receive calls.

Cloud PBXs can transfer an incoming call to a mobile or home phone if the contact is permanently away from the office. They can also forward the call to multiple phones to ensure the caller receives an answer. If the first phone does not respond the system forwards the call to a number of other designated phones. You can be confident that employees away from the office remain in contact.

This gives you the opportunity to implement flexible working arrangements and provides callers with a much higher standard of service.

Improve efficiency and service

Cloud PBX services can make your business more efficient by giving employees access to advanced communication services like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Businesses of any size can benefit from features like call forwarding, presence status, conferencing and unified messaging that were previously only available to large corporations.

Increase capacity on demand

If your business grows or you need to handle increasing volumes of traffic, you can increase capacity on demand. Your business may have seasonal peaks or need to cope with a surge in call volume after a marketing campaign. Scaling your system ensures you can cope with changing volumes and maintain minimal call waiting times for your customers.

Connect branches from the cloud

If your business operates on multiple sites, cloud PBX makes communication simpler and reduces costs. Calls between connected sites are free. You can also reduce infrastructure and operating costs by eliminating duplicate equipment on each site and running a centralized system.The branches only need a VoIP-quality router and a high-speed Internet connection to access the service, but no additional infrastructure.

With the solution in place, branches can enjoy the same communication facilities as the head office or access shared facilities. All sites could use a shared call center, for example, with agents working remotely or in a central location. Wherever they work, agents can respond to customers with the same call handling facilities, improving the consistency and quality of customer service.

Branches can exchange information and collaborate more easily when they are connected by the Internet. That means head office can get essential business reports more easily and branches can exchange information on business trends and opportunities. This exchange of information can improve decision-making and help your business compete more effectively.

Make your business more mobile

With a cloud PBX service, your mobile workers and employees working from home or other locations can access the same phone services as they would in the office. All they need is an Internet connection on a desk or smartphone.

That makes it easier to offer flexible work policies that help attract and retain employees. There’s support for BYOD (Bring your own device) too, so employees can use any of their own mobile devices to access the system

Support virtual business

If you run a ‘virtual business’ with employees or contractors working from home or different locations, you can link them all via cloud PBX. No need for customers to remember multiple numbers – they just ring a single number for your business and the system distributes calls to the right location.

Integrate business apps

The latest phone systems available via cloud PBX don’t just allow you to make voice calls. They can integrate with business applications like calendars, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales automation systems. This improves productivity and makes efficient communications an integral part of your key business processes.

Improve collaboration

Cloud PBX systems enable you to reach contacts in any location on any device. That makes it easier for individuals and project teams to collaborate via audio, video or web conferencing. Easier collaboration improves team working, gives access to a wider range of skills and speeds up strategic projects.

Improve business continuity

If disaster strikes and your phone system is out of action, you could face further communication problems as you try to recover. But, with cloud PBX, you can maintain essential communications from any location with an Internet connection, helping you return quickly to business as usual.

Transform your business

Choosing a cloud PBX system gives you the opportunity to transform your working practices and enhance the service you offer customers, as well as saving you money. Selecting a cloud solution doesn’t just get rid of the box in the corner, it creates new ways of doing business.

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