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What Should You Consider Before Buying into Hybrid UC?

Oct 18th, 2017

Benefits are driving greater adoption of hybrid UC. A study by IDG found that 71 percent of respondents claimed cloud computing impacted their deployment.

VoIP Helps Businesses Adapt to Change
Oct 11th, 2017

Can your workplace meet the expectations of millennials? If not then you need VoIP. Why? Because VoIP helps businesses adapt to change.

How VoIP Makes Service Operations More Efficient
Oct 4th, 2017

Businesses need to maintain contact with employees who are mobile. VoIP helps them do this by making service operations more efficient.


What can Cloud PBX do for Your Business
Sep 27th, 2017

Cloud PBX replaces the traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on your premises with the latest digital version based in the cloud. A service provider owns, operates and maintains the PBX in a secur...

How to Make Mobility a Business Priority
Sep 20th, 2017

Mobility is a powerful way to create change in a business. Traditionally, companies focused their mobile strategies and resources on employees who spent the majority of their time away from the office...

Getting the Most Out of Skype for Business
Sep 13th, 2017

Skype for Business is a unified communications solution that brings together a number of important communications technologies, services, and devices into a single integrated platform. It integrates v...

How VoIP Influences Hotel Finances
Sep 6th, 2017

The US hotel industry employs 1.9 million people in 53,432 properties and generated some $176 billion dollars in revenue from around 5 million guestrooms in 2014. The average occupancy rate was 64.4 p...

How VoIP Empowers Technology Companies
Aug 30th, 2017

VoIP provides comprehensive and flexible communications tools and VoIP empowers technology companies at each stage of growth. How does it do this?

How WebRTC Benefits Call Centers
Aug 23rd, 2017

WebRTC, which stands for Web Real-Time Communications, is a technology that enables call centers to improve the quality, scope and productivity of their customer service operations without investing i...

Car Talk: How VoIP Impacts the Automotive Industry
Aug 16th, 2017

VoIP provides the essential tools that support collaboration and secure exchange of information, that are vital to the survival of the automotive industry.

Using VoIP to Run a Successful Telesales Campaign
Aug 9th, 2017

VoIP can help small businesses run a successful telesales campaign by using the same advanced calling features found in enterprise systems.

What is EMaaS?
Aug 2nd, 2017

Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EMaaS) has emerged as a solution to IT challenges, enabling you to outsource mobile-related tasks to specialist providers.

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