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What App Developers Need to Know About IoT
March 24th, 2017

What App Developers Need to Know About IoT

Businesses can benefit from the IoT if they hire the right app developers. So what do these developers need to know?


IoT’s growth rate is equally incredible, as Gartner predicts that by 2020 – less than three years’ time – there will be more than 26bn connected devices. This shared connectivity means we as human beings, and our devices, will be far more connected than ever before.  Steve Weston

Weston believes that this a huge opportunity for businesses. However, they need app developers with the right set of skills.  So what set of skills do you need to reap the rewards of the IoT? Keep reading to find out. Steve Weston discusses this further in his blog post on the Silicon Republic.

Who Should Read This Article

Business owners and app developers wanting to get the most out of the Internet of Things.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn the skills they need to reap the benefits of the IoT and how it is creating more sophisticated apps. They will also learn what impact the IoT will have on app developers. These impacts include:

  • App developers needing to be more diverse and adaptable.
  • App developers needing to understand the importance of third-party software.
  • App developers needing to understand how paramount security is.
  • App developers needing to realize that mobile development will also grow.

Take Away

If businesses want to benefit from the IoT they need to hire app developers with the right skills.

Read the full article at 4 things app developers need to know about the internet of things

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