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Unified Communications Role on Healthcare IoT
July 10th, 2017

Unified Communications Role on Healthcare IoT

When it comes to healthcare, patient engagement is top of mind and healthcare IoT along with UC will play a huge role. Find out more.


The Internet of Thing’s ability to improve care outcomes and influence patient engagement largely depends on how this information is shared. Perry Price

When it comes to healthcare, patient engagement is top of mind for most professionals and technology is helping them along the way. The IoT is especially important in this realm as it connects patients to their doctors no matter where they are and makes engagement less time-consuming. However, many forget the importance unified communications play in the healthcare IoT game.

Want to know more about the role UC plays in healthcare? If so keep reading, Price discusses this further in his blog post found on No Jitter.

Who Should Read This Article

Anyone curious about healthcare, IoT or unified communications will enjoy checking out this article. Or if you work in healthcare IT definitely give this article a once over.

What You Will Learn

Price shares that mobility and network connectivity are often seen as going hand in hand with IoT, but UC is not. He then shares how, if healthcare will let it, unified communications can play a role in the future of healthcare. He discusses further:

  • Information sharing in a connected world
  • Enabling healthcare communication
  • How IoT and UC creates patient satisfaction

Take Away

As healthcare changes so will the relationship between the IoT and unified communications. What healthcare professionals choose to do with it is up to them.

Read the full article at IoT and Healthcare: The Unified Comms Difference

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