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The Truth About Desk Phones
May 29th, 2017

The Truth About Desk Phones

As IT departments look for ways to make their business communications more mobile they often make one critical mistake. Taking away the desk phone.


“In life, only three things are constant: death, taxes and the humble desktop phone.” Kirsten Barta

It is no secret that we live in a mobile world. In fact, many homes today don’t even have a landline and instead use their mobile devices for everything. This has many businesses looking for ways to make their business communications more mobile. To do that many IT departments are transitioning from POTS to VOIP phone systems. They not only get the ability to use their office phones while at work, but when they are away. However, this shift to mobile doesn’t mean it’s time to retire desk phones. In fact, they remain an essential part of the businesses communication ecosystem.

If you thought the desk phone was dead then read on. Kirsten Barta busts a few of the most common desk phone myths in her blog found on Intermedia.

Who Should Read This Article

Businesses and IT department who are considering getting rid of their desk phones and moving to a completely mobile communications system.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn the truth about desk phones as well as learn two common desk phone myths. Finally, they will see why desk phones remain an essential part of the office. The two myths debunked are:

  • Desktop phones are easily replaced by mobile phones.
  • Desktop phones lack functionality beyond phone calls and voicemail.

Take Away

The desk phone isn't dead and businesses need to think strategically before moving to a completely mobile environment.

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