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Do Your Meetings Really Need to Be “Cool”?
August 11th, 2017

Do Your Meetings Really Need to Be “Cool”?

Meetings don't necessarily need to be cool to be effective. Find out what I mean in this article.


Many companies want employees to be more collaborative, and have the flexibility of teleworking — but those two initiatives aren’t always complementary. Beth Schultz

If you are like me then you attend multiple meetings every week. For me, all of them are video or phone based. Yours may a be a combination of that and in person. But no matter what way you meet, every meeting is destined to be different. And when it comes to tech, the meeting can change exponentially. But does tech really make that much of a difference when it comes to the meeting experience?

Do your meetings really need to be cool to be effective? If you want to know keep reading. Beth Schultz discusses this further in her article on No Jitter.

Who Should Read This Article

If you hold meetings whether low tech or with the latest video software you will want to give this article a read.

What You Will Learn

Schultz discusses the work environment and how some companies are working to make it more pristine and allow employees to have meetings at their desks without disrupting others. She then looks into if this change will be complementary or conflicting and why.

Take Away

Meetings don't necessarily need to be cool to be effective. So tell me, how cool are yours?

Read the full article at How Cool Do Meetings Really Need to Be?

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