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Do You Manage Your Password Like the Rest of America?
June 28th, 2017

Do You Manage Your Password Like the Rest of America?

Are you just like everyone else? Of course not. But your password habits may be. Find out if you treat passwords like the rest of America.


Oh passwords, how we loathe them. You have to remember so many of them for every….single….account you login into online. Did I use the same one for this that I did for Facebook, or is it the same as my Gmail password? This is what I ask myself every time I try logging into something I rarely access. Well lucky for me I am like most of the America. Or is this lucky? Are you like everyone else when it comes to password management?

Find out by reading Security Magazine’s article on the subject. What it reveals may surprise you.

Who Should Read This Article

Do you get online? Do you have a password of some kind? Then you should check out this article to see where you stack up with the rest of America.

What You Will Learn

You will learn what PEW research found when surveying people about their password habits, like most of us still just memorize passwords. Some other insights this survey found include:

  • Half of online adults (49%) say they keep the passwords to at least some of their online accounts written down on a piece of paper.
  • Roughly one-quarter (24%) of online adults keep track of their passwords in a digital note or document on one of their device.
  • Just 12% of online adults say that they ever use password management software to keep track of their passwords – and only 3% rely on this technique as their primary method.
And much more!

Take Away

We need to take much better care of our passwords and stop being like everyone else. Are you like the rest of America? Share this article to help others with their password security.

Read the full article at How Americans Manage Their Passwords

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