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The Internet of Customer Things: Using IoT to Improve CX
July 28th, 2017

The Internet of Customer Things: Using IoT to Improve CX

You have probably heard of the Internet of Things. But what about the Internet of Customer Things? Learn how IoT can improve CX in this article.


Future IoT-enabled devices have the potential to allow marketers to uncover limitless, innovative ways to understand and influence customer activity, behaviour, and buying trends. Ben Rossi

When you think of IoT a lot of things probably come to mind. Maybe it’s your smart thermostat in your home. Or the Alexa you use to order things online with only your voice. But have you ever thought about how IoT can improve CX and become a priceless marketing tool?

If you said no keep reading. Rossi discusses this further in his article found on Information Age.

Who Should Read This Article

Are you curious about IoT and how you can use it to make your customer experience a more valuable one? If so give this article a once over.

What You Will Learn

Rossi shares 4 ways that IoT has the potential to work alongside your other marketing tools to give your customers an improved experience. These ways include:

  • Working to keep the customer updated.
  • Helping you hear your customers voice.
  • Improving wait times.
  • Using wearables to gain contextual information.

Take Away

Businesses who choose to can leverage the IoT to learn about, understand and interact with your consumers in new ways. This, in turn, can make your CX better overall.

Read the full article at How to improve customer experience with the internet of things

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