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How to Create a Successful Virtual Office
May 30th, 2017

How to Create a Successful Virtual Office

Many businesses are swapping brick and mortar for virtual offices. If you're considering the switch you need to learn the benefits and risks first.


So you start a business with the goal to be a success. However, you find that the talent in your area is lacking. So you decide to use remote workers. This is a great option for any business who isn’t afraid to look outside of town for employees. However, other businesses are taking it further and creating a cloud-based virtual office. These offices allow businesses to do all their work outside of a physical office. Businesses save a considerable amount of money by using this type of office, plus it is easier to onboard remote employees.

However, creating a successful virtual office isn’t easy. If you are thinking about creating one, read on. Jennifer Goforth Gregory talks about this more in her blog found on Vonage.

Who Should Read This Article

Business owners considering moving away from a physical office and into the cloud.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn 3 areas of a business that a virtual office both helps and hinders. They will also get an in-depth look into these three areas to learn what the benefits and risks of a virtual office look like. The three areas include:

  • Employee and customer communication
  • Collaboration technology
  • Employee efficiency

Take Away

Virtual offices can have major benefits for businesses but there are risks involved.

Read the full article at Virtual Communications: How to Create a Virtual Office

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