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Cable vs. Fiber: Which is the Better Value?
August 8th, 2017

Cable vs. Fiber: Which is the Better Value?

If you are a small business then you are often finding ways to save money. But when it comes to cable vs. fiber which is the better bang for your buck?


If you are a small business then you are often finding ways to save money, to get the most bang for your buck, you know, find ways to do business on the cheap. This means you probably are choosing the cheapest option possible when it comes to many aspects of the business.

However, is the cheapest option always the best way to go? Maybe not. Going for the less expensive option may be good for your bottom line, but could have the potential to affect it in a negative way down the road. This is especially true when it comes to cable vs fiber Internet.

Want to know why? If so keep reading, Alice LaPlante discusses this further in her blog post found on Century Link.

Who Should Read This Article

Are you considering a new Internet solution? Do you use cable or fiber internet? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you should read this article.

What You Will Learn

LaPlante shares the difference between fiber and cable internet, taking a deep dive into the two including sharing insight into speed and cost. She then discusses how businesses need to not think of price when it comes to the true cost of the solution. She believes you need to take into consideration things like:

  • Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Security
  • Scalability

Take Away

When it comes to cost savings, cable is the right choice for many if they are looking for saving right away. But when it comes right down to true cost, fiber may be the better option. Think about your needs and what you are hoping to accomplish first to help you make the right decision.

Read the full article at Which Offers Better Value: Fiber or Cable?

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