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What Attendees Learned at Enterprise Connect
March 30th, 2017

What Attendees Learned at Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect 2017 is coming to an end. Find out the 5 biggest takeaways from this year's event.


Enterprise Connect 2017 is almost over! Sadly, we weren’t able to attend this year and maybe you weren’t either. But don’t be sad! There were so many amazing experts in attendance this year sharing their experiences with us online. Zeus Kerravala is one of these experts. He wrote about what he learned this year in a blog for No Jitter.

If you didn’t make the conference this year or just want to know what happened at the sessions you didn’t attend keep reading.

Who Should Read This Article

If you are interested in the cloud, APIs or tech of any kind and want to know what happened at one of the biggest events of the year, check out this article.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn the 5 biggest takeaways from Enterprise Connect by one expert who attended the event. These takeaways include:

  • The cloud is evolving and creating new ways for businesses to work.
  • It's all about the API.
  • There was an increase of team collaboration apps.
  • Virtual took a backseat to the physical meeting space.
  • Digital technology is improving the customer experience.

Take Away

Enterprise Connect showcased some of the biggest innovations of the past year. We can't wait to see what next year brings.

Read the full article at 5 Takeaways from Enterprise Connect 2017

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