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How AI Will Impact Workplace Communications
May 27th, 2017

How AI Will Impact Workplace Communications

AI is a real technology that is changing the way we do business and communicate. Soon AI technology will enter the business world and improve efficiency.


According to Accenture’s 2016 Technology Vision survey, 70% of corporate executives say they’re making significantly more investments in AI-related technologies than two years ago. Shoretel 

No, Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a movie starring Robin Williams and Meryl Streep. It is real-world technology that is changing the way we do business and communicate. Soon virtual robots and other technology will start working with real people to complete tasks and improve business efficiency. Expect to see AI impact the way you communicate and do business in some way.

So where will you see this impact? PAM BEDNARCZYK discusses this further in her article found on Shoretel.

Who Should Read This Article

Anyone curious about artificial intelligence and how it may impact the workplace into the future.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn 4 ways that AI will affect the workplace and how employees and customers communicate. These ways include:

  • AI will free employees up to do more valuable work.
  • Businesses will be able to personalize communications more easily.
  • The customer experience will be greatly enhanced.
  • AI's prediction capabilities will help businesses streamline work.

Take Away

Expect to see AI enter the workforce and change the way business is done.


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