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Benefits of Transitioning from Legacy PBX to Cloud PBX
March 31st, 2017

Benefits of Transitioning from Legacy PBX to Cloud PBX

Hailee Franco

Many businesses who use VoIP services today may be thinking about moving from their legacy PBX to cloud PBX. This change has many benefits.

Many businesses who use VoIP services today may be thinking about moving from their legacy PBX to cloud PBX. A cloud-based VoIP option provides many benefits over the more complex legacy option, which can put companies at risk.

Not only does legacy PBX cost more to maintain, but it provides poor audio quality, and can be difficult for remote workers to access and use. Cloud PBX provides many of the answers to these problems while being cheaper and more practical to implement.

Why you should move from Legacy PBX to Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX combines vendors with one PBX solution

Many legacy PBX solutions require different vendors to provide services like calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging. This means businesses are forced to pay different fees for every service the want or need under a legacy PBX.

Cloud PBX eliminates the need for multiple vendors and unifies communications with one service and monthly fee. These features include long distance calling, video conferencing, auto attendant, and instant messaging.

Cloud PBX allows communications to grow with the company

As a company grows it is important to be able to add new employees and offices to the communication mix. A legacy or on-premise option makes this difficult especially if an office move is necessary. A move of this nature would require new hardware, wires, routers, and countless switches to make it successful.

A cloud-based system eliminates the need for new hardware and allows for lines and whole offices to be added at will. Businesses can open an office in Singapore or in San Diego with only a simple Internet connection using a Cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX is feature friendly

Businesses are ever changing, meaning their communication system needs to change with them. Enter Cloud PBX, which allows features to be added and deleted as the company grows and changes. Features like “Find Me/Follow Me” and “Voicemail to Email” can be added whenever necessary to meet the needs of the business.

The ability to add and delete features can make businesses more productive, but these changes aren’t easy with a legacy PBX system. This is because many of the new features depend on the hardware the business currently uses, limiting choices and increasing the cost of adding something new.

Cloud PBX is disaster friendly

Businesses can never be sure when a disaster will strike, meaning they need to be prepared for anything. Legacy PBX can and will go down when a disaster happens like a hurricane or unexpected power outage. These circumstances can leave businesses without phone service or other communication channels.

A cloud PBX is disaster friendly because its services are hosted at more than one location. If and when one location goes down, services are routed to a different server, meaning businesses always have access to their phone systems and other communication channels. That means when a blizzard knocks the power out at a business’s office, they can route calls to their mobile phones or an office that has power.

While legacy PBX may see reliable to some businesses, it does come with risks. Cloud PBX reduces these risks while saving money by allowing companies to use one vendor, change features, and scale as they grow. This VoIP option is often a more practical choice for companies who want to reduce costs while providing an all in one communication solution.

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