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Put Your $$$ Where Your Mouth Is: Invest in Your Network to Improve CX
July 24th, 2017

Put Your $$$ Where Your Mouth Is: Invest in Your Network to Improve CX

Ian Linton

Slow downloads, service outages, usage caps and bandwidth throttling. If you are experiencing these it's time to invest in your network to improve CX.

Slow downloads, service outages, usage caps and bandwidth throttling. For many, they are all part of the everyday experience of network users. Should it be this way, or should businesses invest in networks to improve speed, availability, and quality of experience?

Analysts IDG see customer engagement and quality of experience as important drivers behind digital transformation – “For their part, customers expect the business that serves them to provide engagement that is characterized by five key attributes: personal, ubiquitous, secure, relevant, and mobile.” Networks play an important role in meeting those expectations.

Support customers and users

Networks have become increasingly important as more and more services are available from the cloud. For businesses operating a cloud model, quality of experience affects both customers and users.

Users who rely on cloud business applications for their day-to-day face the risk of downtime and productivity issues if their apps are not available. Those who deliver customer-facing services using cloud apps face a double risk. Their own productivity takes a hit and they may be unable to provide an efficient service to customers.

In the contact center, for example, agents rely on integration with CRM systems to provide a personalized service to callers. They might also need to collaborate with colleagues to get expert advice to solve customer problems. Any network issues can have a serious impact on customer service and satisfaction.

Pressure on service providers

Customers who use cloud services expect a reliable service from their service providers. Network reliability is therefore critical to the quality of customer experience. With strong competition in the market and a growing trend to minimal contract terms, service providers know they must maintain quality to reduce the risk of customer churn.

The problem is particularly serious for mobile service providers. Mobile users now expect much more than voice calls from their smartphones. Video, gaming, Internet access, social networking and access to productivity apps are placing greater emphasis on network performance and reliability. As a result, mobile customers expect strong signals, fast download speeds and support for data-intensive apps.

Maintaining voice quality

With the continuing adoption of Internet telephony services such as Voice over IP or Unified Communications, businesses and service providers must maintain network capacity, traffic prioritization and Quality of Service at optimum levels to ensure clear, reliable voice calls.

Time to invest?

The pace of cloud migration shows no signs of slowing and that puts a premium on network performance. Businesses that want to remain competitive and benefit from digital transformation must invest in their networks to maintain the quality of customer experience.

The technology certainly exists. Software-defined networking, for example, can make the network more agile, scalable and adaptable to changing traffic demands. High-speed broadband provides the essential link to cloud service providers. Private IP networks with end-to-end connectivity promise enhanced security as well as reliable performance.

These developments can provide the performance that delivers optimum customer experience.



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