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How Businesses Use CPaaS
August 30th, 2017

How Businesses Use CPaaS

Kathi Fuhrman

The Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market is expected to increase from $400 million in 2015 to $8.1 billion in 2019, according to Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research in Westminste...

The Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market is expected to increase from $400 million in 2015 to $8.1 billion in 2019, according to Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research in Westminster, Mass.

Talk to any customer service representative and they’ll probably express frustrations with customers wanting answers yesterday. We live in the information is everything age. The Internet and social media give near instant access to information, knowledge, and events. This has increased society’s desire for answers while decreasing their attention span.

Technology-inclined businesses now have a method to reach their customers while they are utilizing their app or other technology sources.

CPaaS defined

“CPaaS stands for Communications Platform-as-a-Service, a technological trend that leverages the cloud to provide discrete communication services (voice, video, messaging, collaboration, etc.) that can be embedded into applications, websites and workflows, providing highly integrated communication tools that enable real-time collaboration.”


CPaas is new to the marketplace and gives businesses the power to connect with users when they want. You can answers questions immediately and customers don’t have to risk long hold times by calling a customer service center. Some enticing benefits to consider include:

  • Better customer experience. Customers get answers to questions more quickly and conveniently.
  • Build brand reputation. The happier customers are with their overall experience, the more they will share the positive experience with others.
  • Simplified build. This new technology lets you implement CPaaS features without building your own custom infrastructure. You use the service providers already built model.
  • Improve efficiency. Improve your overall efficiency by delivering messages at one time with the notification features.

Put it to good use

How can you fully leverage CPaaS technology? Take a look at these examples to help you brainstorm.

  • Sales & service chat sessions. Keep customers from leaving before buying. Use video chat to connect directly with customers in the middle of shopping on your website. Give customers the option to request a video chat when they have questions about an account, billing, or shipping information. These help customers develop trust with your brand and turns them into repeat buyers.
  • Appointment reminders. Send text messages to tomorrow’s appointments, today! This feature is beneficial for doctor’s offices, salons, and spas and helps to decrease “no shows”. With CPaaS technology, all notifications can be sent at one time instead of individual call reminders.
  • Password authentication. It’s common for customers to forget passwords and risky when they do. Utilize the password authentication messages to increase security measures. Text customers a code they need to re-enter on the app or website to confirm they are who they say.
  • Delivery confirmations. Notify customers when packages are delivered to their front door step. This is a great safety precaution because they know to expect the package when they get home. If it’s missing they can quickly respond via text or request a video chat session in your app.

CPaaS is new. The benefits and number of uses give it a leading role moving forward. Brainstorm how you can utilize this software to improve your overall customer experience.

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