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Make Your Business More Efficient with Microsoft 365
June 5th, 2017

Make Your Business More Efficient with Microsoft 365

Virginia Fair

Are you ready to make your business more efficient? Then why not try Microsoft 365? Find out how it works and why your employees will love the change.

When it comes to change, employees generally fall into two opposing camps. There’s the bring it on, shake things up legion, and the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it delegation. If you’re considering maximizing the efficiency of your business operations by migrating to Microsoft Office 365, have no fear. Both your

Both your change-phobes and your change-philes will hop on board. Just gather them all around let them know what to expect. And don’t forget to Skype your remote workers in. Yes, that’s part of the good news, Skype is included in the software-as-a-service subscription.

Even the transition to MS 365 is efficient

Change-nayers can take comfort in that there’s no learning curve to scale with this online version of MS Office Suite. They’ll be seeing the same old familiar faces they’ve been working with for years. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Calendar and One Point will still be part of their at-work lives. It will be business as usual virtually from day one of the migration. But there’s plenty for the change-yayers, too.

Teams work more efficiently

It may be hard to decide where to begin in discussing the added efficiency Office 365 brings to team projects.

Shared documents

Once you’ve integrated OneDrive with Office 365, each team member can save his work on OneDrive’s 1TB of cloud space. This lets everyone collaborate from wherever they are to sync, share, and edit their documents on the SharePoint server team site.

More efficient collaboration

Even those who dreaded the changeover will have to admit how much easier and more efficient their collaboration will become. It means saying good-by to sending each other attachments and then struggling to merge new and original versions. Editing Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Power Point Presentations and saving them to OneDrive, means everyone has access to them. So, when it’s time for Skype video conferencing, each can see them on the device of his choosing.

Smoother sailing in scheduling meetings and appointments

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much time is spent scheduling a meeting? Between consulting calendars and shooting emails back and forth, time spent syncing schedules can exceed time spent in the meeting. Microsoft 365 can take the frenzy out of scheduling appointments and meetings.

Office 365 for Business includes Exchange OnLine. This hosted e-mail lets you customize your email set-up so that all your domain email arrives via Office 365. It also allows you to create group email lists to your heart’s content. Having done that, Exchange Online can also sync your email with your Outlook calendar and contacts. Do you see where we’re going with this? Yes, now everyone can consult their emails and calendar events seamlessly and see how their schedules line up.

And if your budget permits, you may want to look at FindTime, an Outlook add-on. FindTime locates open timeslots in everyone’s schedules so you can act proactively by sending out available times. Once everyone agrees to a date, it will send out reminder invitations to all involved.

Keeping up with Microsoft 365

Now that your staff is excited about the added efficiency Microsoft 365, will bring to their endeavors, a suggestion for you. Your ISP may offer Office 365 for Business as an added value. If not, you can always subscribe to the SaaS. Either way, you’ll want to explore all its features. So, you might want to look at the Office 365 Blog from time to time. It’s a great source for all the latest on functions, features, improvements, and upgrades.


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