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Thinking Outside the Phone. Creative VoIP Uses
July 28th, 2017

Thinking Outside the Phone. Creative VoIP Uses

Ian Linton

Businesses may not be making the most of VoIP. Check out some of the most creative VoIP uses in this article only on The VoIP Report.

VoIP is helping small businesses use the latest phone technologies to improve routine communication and collaboration. But, businesses may not be making the most of VoIP’s capabilities. Pairing VoIP with some cool apps opens up some great opportunities to use the technology in creative ways that deliver real business benefits.

Expand your collaboration horizons

You can collaborate with VoIP, holding audio or video conferences with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other partners. But, have you thought about holding a big meeting or hosting a webinar for hundreds or thousands of people? Unless you’ve got some sophisticated kit to back up your VoIP service, that might be impractical.

Not necessarily. There are apps out there, compatible with VoIP, that let you broadcast messages to the masses. AnyMeeting, for example, offers HD video broadcasting, screen sharing, slides, recording, registrations and surveys to support webinars for up to 2000 participants or conferences for up to 30 people.

Run a virtual team

You’ve set up a team of specialists working in different locations around the country. They can collaborate as a virtual team using video or audio conferencing on VoIP. But, if you add document sharing and collaboration capability, you could improve teamwork even further.

Talkandwrite is a great app that helps remote teams work together on documents. It’s a collaborative whiteboard that allows up to 10 participants to draw, add text, erase, highlight and write together on a document in real-time while talking on a VoIP call.

Set up a training service

If you want to offer product or sales training to your remote sales force or retail network, VoIP can give you the tools. One great example is already proven in leading universities around the world. Moocs (massive open online courses) offer video-rich courses and make use of VoIP chat, discussion boards, and online tutorials.

Delivering your training programs over a platform like this gives you the opportunity to develop a convenient, cost-effective training service for audiences in any location. You can use videos in the sessions or hold interactive sessions with trainees able to ask questions and get answers via chat.

Record your calls

Call recording helps you track the content of important calls. This can be useful if you have made agreements over the phone with a customer or supplier. If your business is subject to regulatory compliance, call recording provides evidence in the event of a problem. VoIP automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls to demonstrate compliance or provide records of agreement.

Make contact in the local language

If you have colleagues in other countries or export your products around the world, you’re likely to hit a language barrier from time to time. Ideally, you would speak the local language to avoid misunderstanding, but that’s not always possible.

There is a way to bridge the gap on VoIP using the Universal Chat Translator. The app can translate text in 15 languages during chat sessions. It transmits your original text to the receiver with a translation in brackets. The receiver can reply in their native language and the app will translate the response to reach you in your chosen language.


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