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Everyone Benefits with VoIP CRM Integration
January 16th, 2017

Everyone Benefits with VoIP CRM Integration

Virginia Fair

Have you thought of integrating VoIP and CRM? If you do, you will soon see that VoIP CRM integration benefits everyone in your organization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and VoIP communications systems are valuable tools for keeping in touch with all your customers—prospective, new, and long-time. But have you ever thought of integrating the two? If you do, you will soon see that VoIP CRM integration benefits everyone in your organization. And that includes your customers.

The CRM platform

Customer Relationship Management is a term that encompasses the practices, systems, and technologies companies use to analyze and optimize customer interactions with the business, whether person-to-person through emails and phone calls, or digitally via website content and search engine. The threefold goal of CRM is to:

  • drive sales growth
  • retain customers
  • optimize relationships with customers

CRM software automates the process by providing a platform for keeping track of customer activity. It compiles information on all customer contacts with the company, no matter what the channel of communication, whether website, live chat, telephone, email, direct mail, social media or marketing materials. With the touch of the keyboard, CRM software brings up detailed information on a customer’s personal data, buying history, concerns, and preferences.

VoIP CRM integration benefits for sales reps

Every interaction with a customer yields valuable insight into where the customer is in the sales funnel. Such information helps sales reps convert a sale. However, it often takes several interactions to get to this point. VoIP CRM integration logs in information about each call in real time, freeing up the sales rep from having to jot down notes after each call so that the will be available to the entire team. Instead, with this data available on one platform, the next time customer contact takes place, whoever takes the call only has to pull up the customer’s name or number, and proceed from there without the need for “reinventing the wheel.”

Some VoIP CRM integrations can even record information on whether or not the call came from a cell or desk phone, or whether it was an Internet voice call or a video chat, as well as the date and time.

VoIP CRM integration benefits tech support and customer service

VoIP CRM integration benefits tech support and customer service, automatically recognizing a call and uploading a customer’s existing support tickets to a computer screen. Viewing this information means front-facing staff can jump right into the call and address the customer’s problem rather than spend time asking questions.

VoIP CRM integration benefits marketing

VoIP CRM-gathered customer profiles can be configured to include such info as the number of website visits, which products were viewed each visit, and past purchases. Such data is invaluable to marketing in order to analyze customer behavior for use in creating marketing personas, and crafting effective marketing strategies.

VoIP CRM integration benefits management

VoIP CRM integration metrics give supervisors information about agent efficiency, including:

  • how many calls an agent deals with per day
  • the number of hangups
  • average wait time
  • average call duration

Using this information, a supervisor can take corrective actions if she thinks they are warranted.

VoIP CRM integration improves the customer experience

Integration means that sales and support will recognize a customer or prospect’s identity on the first ring, and bring up his history right away. By having all this information on the screen from the very start of the call, the agent can focus on the customer rather than waste time searching for his account or asking questions. This means the customer doesn’t have to answer irrelevant questions or explain the reason he is calling each time. If you’ve ever been on the customer end of a call, you’ll recognize how important this is to making a first-time or prospective customer a long-time customer. And that’s what business is all about, isn’t it?

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